Online Backup
Complete business and personal data protection for servers, on-premises systems, remote mobile devices and information in public and private clouds. Try our effective blanket of data security offerings.

You are always our first priority when it comes to :

Backup Your PC/Mac Back up your desktop PC or your laptop automatically and to local storage. We support all common Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Server Backup Our server edition provides reliable backup of server systems and business-critical applications, such as MS SharePoint, Exchange, MS-SQL, and more.

Encrypt Your Data Your backup will be encrypted before transfer. You will always have control over the password and be the only person who can access the backup.

Easy and offsite Our Deovolent IT Cloud Backup is set up in less than five minutes. After the set up, the encrypted backup is immediately transferred to our Data Centre. Even custom settings are possible in the expert view. Our competent support team is always happy to assist you.

Data recovery
Three flexible recovery options

  • Restore individual files or an entire backup using the web-based control console.
  • Easily download items from the built-in backup browser.
  • In the event of a hardware defect, restore your backup directly to your new device. To do this, you simply start our backup client via a USB stick on your new device and restore the backup. This way you don’t waste time setting up from scratch.
Alams on errors
The built-in backup scan automatically checks the backup data after each transfer. If a backup is not fully completed, we will inform you of the error immediately via email.